Use Design to Your Advantage

82% of companies believe a strong connection between creativity, design and desired business results exists in the market today.

Creativity is about change

Companies that embrace change will inevitably see greater success than companies that do not. Change is constant. It occurs every day, so how do companies work to keep up with the constant change? Creativity and design.

Customers will be bored if your organization does not embrace creativity in designing customer experiences that organization will fail. Shifting focus to design is a good strategy to work against change. Designing unique customer experiences should be at the core of your strategy.

58% of companies are investing in design to differentiate their brand, and 65% agree that design -driven companies outperform their competitors. The numbers prove that this isn’t just a theory: over 10 years, design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P index by 219%.

Dedication to user experience using design

Becoming a design-driven company requires a dedication to the user experience, which includes an understanding of the ways customers engage with your brand. Understanding how customers engage with you on your website, social media, even wearable technology allows you to create unique user experience. There are 3.1 billion consumers with internet access, a number that is growing daily. They want relevant, timely, and unique content every minute of the day.

Companies report they are creating ten times the number of assets today than they did a few years ago. The need for personalized and continuous content is placing pressure on companies to deliver.

How to deliver content daily?

Embrace technology platforms. Everything is automated. Hootsuite, Adobe applications, Twitter, Facebook – these are all outlets for your content. Be relevant and timely. Respond to your customers using these channels. Enable cloud services so that all content is available and protected. Mobile publishing apps are becoming better and more optimized. Use the available technology to create unique, personalized, and design-driven user experiences.


The Design Advantage Drives Business Results

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