Marketing Personas – Important for Personalization

The biggest change in today’s consumption landscape is that consumption has become a blend of trends and countertrends. Consumers have shifted towards being thriftier and more savvy. Online shopping is changing consumption, and this is a good thing for brands and for consumers.

This creates a challenge for marketers: how do you personalize your marketing message to the changing consumer preferences? What is the most efficient way to market to everyone? The solution may be to create marketing personas.

Euromonitor International reports that consumers are still willing to pay for certain-features when it comes to food (“all-natural ingredients tops the list”), and children’s products. Apparel and footwear features as well as home care and cleaning products are among the categories consumers are willing to pay a premium price for. These are just some examples. Every consumer is different, but you can create segments to efficiently market to most consumers.

Marketing Persona Defined

What is a marketing persona? Ardath Albee provides a good definition: “A marketing persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your audience. For content marketing purposes, you need personas to help you deliver content that will be most relevant and useful to your audience.”

Creating Personas is Important

You want to know who the person is, what they value, and how to speak to them. You can craft your marketing message depending on your marketing personas. Customers are different, and personalization is important.

A marketing persona should include demographic information such as: age, gender, salary, and location. Your personas should also include what is relevant to the product you sell, goals of the persona, product and service values. This is dependent on your product or service, so work cross-functionally within your organization to map out the best marketing personas so you are able tailor your marketing message.

HubSpot has a good article on creating buyer personas. You can visit it here.


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