Marketing Mistakes – Not Knowing Your Audience

Content Marketing is the “it” thing of the moment. For good reason. Your customers are looking for relevant information and they want to read it on their own time. So you think your strategy should be to churn out as much content as possible in an effort to gain as much visibility as possible. Develop customer personas first in order to be most effective.

Videos, infographics, case studies, white papers – any form of digital asset – is the best way to reach your customers, and it is likely the most important marketing activity in your organization. Many companies are simply doing it wrong. Not knowing your customer and what type of content the customer consumes is crucial to your content marketing success.

Develop Customer Personas

Another marketing buzzword that is gaining traction is “customer personas”.  What is a customer persona? Simply put, it is the way you would segment your customer based on any number of behavioral or demographic attributes. With the amount of data available from social networks, CRM, and your organization’s internal resources, you can develop specific customer personas and tailor content to those customers.

How does this fit in with your content marketing strategy? A wide range of audience members can do more harm than good when delivering content – it will leave your strategy unfocused and you could be wasting time developing irrelevant content assets that sit in the proverbial black hole and never lead to conversions.

Some questions you may want to ask are:

What is the person’s background? Location? Source of information – news, social media?

Demographic customer personas are useful, however, as peoples needs evolve, personalization becomes important. Create personas based on behavioural information, such as how is the person consuming content; what type of content do they consume?

Understand what your audience’s challenges and pain points are. As you expand to new segments you will likely develop new customer personas. It should be a living and breathing document that is evolving as your customer evolves.


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